Cinema began to talk from 1931. The first talkie film was ALAM AARA (Imperial Movietone, Bombay) which was released on 14th march 1931. It was containing 7 songs. However if we talk about music we should go little more back in to past as although ALAM AARA was first full length talkie feature film it was not first attempt to incorporate sound in film along with pictures. Prior to ALAM AARA also few short length talkie films were made on experimental basis, which were containing songs. However nothing is known more about those films & songs.

Very less information is available regarding the music of early talkie films as no reference material is available related to that. Even gramophone records were not released in this early period. Record production of film songs started in 1932 & the first songs that were released on gramophone records were of film MADHURI. Even though records started to be released from 1932. In initial period very few songs were used to be recorded by record companies for their commercial records & out of them very few are available today