In silent era, although the scope of incorporating music in film was limited, music was there as a supporting element. In those days there was a tradition of playing music, usually band, before starting of film to attract the people which was many times containing dancing of some girl and it was serving purpose of advertisement. Moreover this certain constraints involved in technicality of medium of cinema like noise produced due to running of projector machine, time gape in changing another reel etc. demanded need of music which not only act as a co-ordinating device but also attract the peoples.

In addition to this all theatres viz., Parsi-Urdu, Gujarati or Marathi, were on peak of their development & their music was highly popular. Also at that time the most of the films were attempted to be based on some very famous drama of that time as most of major film makers were associated with theatre.

For all these reasons music was associated in films in different forms either playing of gramophone record or performing live.