OVERVIEW OF FILM MUSIC OF 1930’s & 1940’s:

In early period films were highly influenced by theatre & along with other section like Acting, Direction, Dialogue delivery etc. Music was also very much identical to that of theatre. However this does not continued much longer & film music created its own identity in a very short period. Overview of two decades revels following facts:

  1. Total 931 films were released from 1931 to 1940 & 1236 films were released from1941 to 1950, which were containing about 9000 & 11000 songs respectively.
  2. Around 125 music directors were associated in film from 1930 to 1940 and around 180 music directors were associated with films from 1940 to 1950. Many music directors were active in both decades.
  3. Many music directors/singers of 1930’s were belonging to theatre. The few important names are Pransukh Nayak, Master Nagardas, Ustad Zande Khan, Ashraf Khan, Fida Hussain,Govindrao tembe, Master Krushnarao etc.
  4. Many artists of classical music were also closely associated with films like Dr. B.R. Devdhar, Pt. Dilipchandra Vedi, Suresh Babu Mane, Firoz Dastur, Hirabai Barodekar etc.